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American Craftsman Project

In a time when the economy is dominated by mass production and over consumption, it’s nice to see companies still getting it done the old fashion way, by making products from beginning to end by hand. While small businesses are the backbone of the US, they don’t receive the nationwide attention that they deserve. Photographer Tadd Myers of Texas is shedding light on these good folks in the American Craftsman Project, a series of stories and photos highlighting craftspeople in all different trades. It’s reassuring to know that there are Americans who are still passionate enough about their craft to combine blood, sweat and tears with their knowledge, passion and skills to create masterpieces that no machine in a factory could ever achieve. The Project is already under way but Tadd needs some help getting his book published, b s p o k e d definitely wants this on our coffee table so help him out!

Danner Footwear

Hull Historical Millwork

Miller Long Rifles

Steinway & Sons

Spotted by Anthony

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Featured Artist: Workerman from Adam Brackney cont.

Workerman lantern

Spotted by Sam

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Rancourt & Co: 4 Eye Ranger Moc- Green Shell Cordovan

The thing I love about Rancourt & Co. is that they always use their traditions as handsewn shoe makers and apply it to modern trends.  On their site they have a spotlight which focuses on a unique shoe that goes beyond the conventions of a “classic” and utilize attention to detailing to elevate their product.  Take a look at Rancourt’s spotlight shoe.  4-eyelet Ranger-moc, unlined Horween Green Shell Cordovan. Reltex Lactae Hevea outsole in honey color, full leather midsole. Antique brass eyelets and gold/brown nylon taslan laces.  A banger of shoe.


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The Boombox Documetary

A follow up to Artpentry. Director Paul Stone released his kickstarter video to chronicle the rise of boomboxes and their influence through the 1970’s and 1980’s. An easily forgettable thing, the boombox had an instrumental roll in defining a genre of music and transforming a subculture into a creatively dominant movement. The original “viral” before the internet. But don’t take my word for it, check out Stone’s interviews with celebrities and artists. And toss him a $1 or $2. Keep it alive!

Check out a sneak peak here, and visit his kickstarter to see The Boombox Documentary feature

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Gentlemen’s Boombox: Artpentry

Thank you to my good friend Binkley for tossing this my way. Floyd of Artpentry will find anything used and beat to hell and turn into something a bit more modern. His tremendously unique idea to reinvent worn suit cases, toolboxes and luggage into functional boomboxes epitomizes ass kicking art. Here’s a look at some of the Chicago based artist’s recent work.

Above- Artist Floyd A. Davis IV

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Art of Making: Alma Flamenca

I’m not a musician, but I sure can appreciate the craftsmanship and dedication that go into making music and the tools used to produce a tune. Check out this visually pleasing documentation of the production of a Flamenco Guitar.
Spotted on AJANAKU

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Rancourt & Co. X Jack Spade Event

Jack Spade Boston recently hosted an in-store event with keynote guest Kyle Rancourt from Rancourt & Co.. The Maine based hand sewn shoe company has been stepping up their game and enjoying some major success as being one of the major league hitters in the hand crafted shoe business. They’ve been teaming up with reputable companies and making a name for themselves as artisans. B S P O K E D was lucky to chat with Kyle and order a pair of custom shoes. A major shout out to Shawna and her team at Jack for making it so easy. Killer event ya’ll! Check out photos from the event and the swatches for the custom B S P O K E D shoes. (follow up post to come when shoes arrive)


Kyle shmoozing

Customizing my Rancourts!

Our lovely and gracious host Shawna!

Our lovely and gracious host Shawna lookin’ fresh to death in her blazer w/ pocket sq!

Kyle and Philip

The options


Again, a MAJOR thank you to Shawna and the Jack Spade team, for hosting us and sending the pics!

Great job guys!

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Bully Boy

B S P O K E D had an exciting visit today to Bully Boy Distillers. Co-founders and brothers, Will and Dave Willis had a vision to bring the hand-crafted spirit back to the city of Boston, and all the power to both for succeeding.  Staking claim as Boston’s only craft distillery, Bully Boy skillfully creates fine spirits including white whiskey, rum and vodka with intensely innovative concepts, yet traditional methods.  Will and Dave extend their passion and knowledge into their craft, never cutting corners and always putting their product before their personal success.  Give these guys the respect they deserve and pour yourself a glass of Bully Boy.  Sold in MA and RI.

Visit their site for recipes and lists of vendors.

Check out B S P O K E D’s tour of their facility, and see what craft really looks like!

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Spotted by Sam

Photo Credit: Bryan Paul

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Featured Artist: Conor Harrington

We’re excited to finally feature Conor Harrington, an Irish based street artist with formal training and righteous skill.  I’ve been revisiting his solo show “Headless Heroes” since 2009 because talent this good is hard to find.  To me these works are timeless, permanently branded into my brain.  He is a continually evolving artist never settling with what he is “good at” and always pushing the boundaries aesthetically and socially.  He promotes conversation, and BSPOKED promotes Conor.  Here’s a look at “Headless Heroes.”  Check the link below to see his most recent work and where it is taking him globally.

Conor Harrington

Scouted by Sam

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