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I think we’ve all been searching for a way to make those $15 quality cocktails at home.  But not just the how-to guide on being your own bartender.  Making sure the ingredients, ratios and pairings are all perfect is a tough process.  We found Bittercube, a brand started in Milwaukee, WI that provides more than just good boozin’ advice.  They  produce a variety of six artisanal slow-crafted bitters to jazz up your drink.  The best part of Bittercube is that they follow up their masterful bitters with kick ass consulting/recipes.  So if you’re hosting, or cooking out….find a way to drink better.  Take Bittercube’s advice.

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Bully Boy

B S P O K E D had an exciting visit today to Bully Boy Distillers. Co-founders and brothers, Will and Dave Willis had a vision to bring the hand-crafted spirit back to the city of Boston, and all the power to both for succeeding.  Staking claim as Boston’s only craft distillery, Bully Boy skillfully creates fine spirits including white whiskey, rum and vodka with intensely innovative concepts, yet traditional methods.  Will and Dave extend their passion and knowledge into their craft, never cutting corners and always putting their product before their personal success.  Give these guys the respect they deserve and pour yourself a glass of Bully Boy.  Sold in MA and RI.

Visit their site for recipes and lists of vendors.

Check out B S P O K E D’s tour of their facility, and see what craft really looks like!

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Spotted by Sam

Photo Credit: Bryan Paul

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