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Stay Tuned

b s p o k e d  is so excited to announce that our new site will be launching this Friday!  We have been working diligently on making it as beautiful as possible for you.  Because of your support and the overwhelming amount of traffic we decided to redesign  b s p o k e d  into a more professional platform.  We love it and it is so close.  Mailing lists will be set up soon!  In the mean time check out our Facebook Page where we still post daily!  We apologize for the lack of posts this week.

And to tie you over til Friday, here is a little snapshot of the new site!

Forage Bow Ties

The duo from Something’s Hiding in Here in Philly is getting into the neckwear game through their brand Forage. Searching and selecting from vintage and dead stock fabrics they produce individually numbered neck and bow ties in limited runs. Available through select retailers and their online shop. Hand sewn in Brooklyn.

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Naked & Famous 32 oz. Denim

The heaviest jeans in the world.  Only 138 pairs made.

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Solo e Sola

This just made every morning ever. Solo e Sola from Tomorrow Lab. ($70)

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Add a professional touch to your phone pics. Includes fisheye, wide angle, and macro lenses. Compatible with iPhone 4/4s. ($70)

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American Craftsman Project

In a time when the economy is dominated by mass production and over consumption, it’s nice to see companies still getting it done the old fashion way, by making products from beginning to end by hand. While small businesses are the backbone of the US, they don’t receive the nationwide attention that they deserve. Photographer Tadd Myers of Texas is shedding light on these good folks in the American Craftsman Project, a series of stories and photos highlighting craftspeople in all different trades. It’s reassuring to know that there are Americans who are still passionate enough about their craft to combine blood, sweat and tears with their knowledge, passion and skills to create masterpieces that no machine in a factory could ever achieve. The Project is already under way but Tadd needs some help getting his book published, b s p o k e d definitely wants this on our coffee table so help him out!

Danner Footwear

Hull Historical Millwork

Miller Long Rifles

Steinway & Sons

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Langly Camera Bags

Langly is a fresh new company with recent kickstarter success.  Freelance photographer, Evan Lane prototyped two styles of rugged camera bags to protect his expensive shit.   His mission was to construct “the” bag that would merge functionality and fashion.  After many persistent attempts Lane came out with two styles, the Alpha and Delta backpacks.  It is still relatively new so pre-order one now. ($199)

(Alpha shown above)

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Dip dyed in South Carolina, 100% American cotton, 100% cool. More colors available at Stag


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Wewood Collection ’12

WeWood came on the map a couple years ago with an avant-garde approach to watch making. Italian born, they sport a sophisticated look, and uses state-of-the-art Miyota movements. But that’s only the topsoil. WeWood’s philosophy is rooted far beneath their sleek designs. They stick to their guns, and their philosophy is to replace what they take. For every watch they sell, WeWood plants a tree to help restore mother nature. b s p o k e d wanted to feature this eco-friendly company and their impact on both the fashion world and the environment. ($120-$139)

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