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Nomad Brush

Technology meets tradition. Nomadbrush is the stylus to use for iPad and the video below shows its amazing capabilities. It’s offered in single and double tips as well as different sizes, plus it won’t break the bank. So find your inner Will Cotton and make some shit!

Spotted by Sam

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Featured Artist: Conor Harrington

We’re excited to finally feature Conor Harrington, an Irish based street artist with formal training and righteous skill.  I’ve been revisiting his solo show “Headless Heroes” since 2009 because talent this good is hard to find.  To me these works are timeless, permanently branded into my brain.  He is a continually evolving artist never settling with what he is “good at” and always pushing the boundaries aesthetically and socially.  He promotes conversation, and BSPOKED promotes Conor.  Here’s a look at “Headless Heroes.”  Check the link below to see his most recent work and where it is taking him globally.

Conor Harrington

Scouted by Sam

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