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American Craftsman Project

In a time when the economy is dominated by mass production and over consumption, it’s nice to see companies still getting it done the old fashion way, by making products from beginning to end by hand. While small businesses are the backbone of the US, they don’t receive the nationwide attention that they deserve. Photographer Tadd Myers of Texas is shedding light on these good folks in the American Craftsman Project, a series of stories and photos highlighting craftspeople in all different trades. It’s reassuring to know that there are Americans who are still passionate enough about their craft to combine blood, sweat and tears with their knowledge, passion and skills to create masterpieces that no machine in a factory could ever achieve. The Project is already under way but Tadd needs some help getting his book published, b s p o k e d definitely wants this on our coffee table so help him out!

Danner Footwear

Hull Historical Millwork

Miller Long Rifles

Steinway & Sons

Spotted by Anthony

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