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Langly Camera Bags

Langly is a fresh new company with recent kickstarter success.  Freelance photographer, Evan Lane prototyped two styles of rugged camera bags to protect his expensive shit.   His mission was to construct “the” bag that would merge functionality and fashion.  After many persistent attempts Lane came out with two styles, the Alpha and Delta backpacks.  It is still relatively new so pre-order one now. ($199)

(Alpha shown above)

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Nomad Brush

Technology meets tradition. Nomadbrush is the stylus to use for iPad and the video below shows its amazing capabilities. It’s offered in single and double tips as well as different sizes, plus it won’t break the bank. So find your inner Will Cotton and make some shit!

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Grove: Portland, OR

Here’s a company we love!  Sustainability and and precision are the name of the game at Grove.  The Portland based company is making iPhone 4/4s as well as iPad cases with a very personalized touch.  Constructed from high quality bamboo and accessorized with leathers or wool, these cases will look sharp and prevent that dreaded spider web screen.  Gotta’ mention they can custom laser cut the back of your case from your own designs! Grove is no doubt worth the investment, of course depending how much you love your apple products.

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