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Langly Camera Bags

Langly is a fresh new company with recent kickstarter success.  Freelance photographer, Evan Lane prototyped two styles of rugged camera bags to protect his expensive shit.   His mission was to construct “the” bag that would merge functionality and fashion.  After many persistent attempts Lane came out with two styles, the Alpha and Delta backpacks.  It is still relatively new so pre-order one now. ($199)

(Alpha shown above)

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Blue Claw Co.

Riding the American made train again, here is a company and a bag that exemplifies the blend of durability and elegance.  Blue Claw Co. used inspiration from travels in Argentina to create the Worton Weekender, the Maryland based company’s first and signature bag.  Their selection is small but their quality is unparalleled.  It is a concept they started with, allowing them to handcraft each bag with the finest materials. ($298)

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