Kettler Bike Lifter

Tired of your bike being damaged or stolen because you left it outside? Tired of tripping over your ride because the only available place to store your bike in your apartment is the hallway? Well Kettler USA has a solution for all cycling lovers out there, the Bike Lifter. This simple pulley system gets your bike up off the floor and out of your way. It also displays your bike as the piece of art that it is. Only 50 bones.

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Mark McNairy: FUCK OFF

Mark McNairy’s Fuck Off collection.

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Grove: Portland, OR

Here’s a company we love!  Sustainability and and precision are the name of the game at Grove.  The Portland based company is making iPhone 4/4s as well as iPad cases with a very personalized touch.  Constructed from high quality bamboo and accessorized with leathers or wool, these cases will look sharp and prevent that dreaded spider web screen.  Gotta’ mention they can custom laser cut the back of your case from your own designs! Grove is no doubt worth the investment, of course depending how much you love your apple products.

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