The Boombox Documetary

A follow up to Artpentry. Director Paul Stone released his kickstarter video to chronicle the rise of boomboxes and their influence through the 1970’s and 1980’s. An easily forgettable thing, the boombox had an instrumental roll in defining a genre of music and transforming a subculture into a creatively dominant movement. The original “viral” before the internet. But don’t take my word for it, check out Stone’s interviews with celebrities and artists. And toss him a $1 or $2. Keep it alive!

Check out a sneak peak here, and visit his kickstarter to see The Boombox Documentary feature

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Gentlemen’s Boombox: Artpentry

Thank you to my good friend Binkley for tossing this my way. Floyd of Artpentry will find anything used and beat to hell and turn into something a bit more modern. His tremendously unique idea to reinvent worn suit cases, toolboxes and luggage into functional boomboxes epitomizes ass kicking art. Here’s a look at some of the Chicago based artist’s recent work.

Above- Artist Floyd A. Davis IV

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Art of Making: Alma Flamenca

I’m not a musician, but I sure can appreciate the craftsmanship and dedication that go into making music and the tools used to produce a tune. Check out this visually pleasing documentation of the production of a Flamenco Guitar.
Spotted on AJANAKU

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F60 Joan

Here’s a light video by Freitag highlighting their F60 Joan bag. FREITAG is a Swiss company that has been producing bags and wallets out of recycled tarps since 1993. Brothers Markus and Daniel started the small operation in their apartment and due to their sustainable business model and innovative thinking, Freitag has grown globally. They now have stores in Switzerland, Germany, New York and Japan. Definitely approved by b s p o k e d!


Spotted by Ant

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Nomad Brush

Technology meets tradition. Nomadbrush is the stylus to use for iPad and the video below shows its amazing capabilities. It’s offered in single and double tips as well as different sizes, plus it won’t break the bank. So find your inner Will Cotton and make some shit!

Spotted by Sam

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Childish Gambino

Love clever rap!

Shwood Video

A nice little Intro to Shwood and they’re crafted shades.